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Court Trustee Page - Interstate Action

UIFSA - Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

If a delinquent obligor resides outside the state and is not subject to an income withholding order the Court Trustee can initiate interstate action under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). The Court Trustee sends copies of the support order and payment information to an enforcement agency in the other state and asks that the support order be registered there for enforcement only. The enforcement agency in what is called the responding jurisdiction. They use whatever enforcement remedies it has available to collect the child support owed. The support paid by the obligor in the other state is forwarded by the support enforcement agency or clerk of court to the Kansas Payment Center for distribution to the Obligee. While an interstate action can be initiated rather quickly by the Court Trustee’s Office, it may take 90 days after filing before enforcement action is taken in the other state.