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*******Please place this Bar Code on any documents that are to be filed with the District Court. *******
Additional Information:

Acknowledgment of Rights and Entry of Plea  (118KB)

Annual Final Report on the Condition of the Guardian's Ward  (83KB)

Authorization For Release of Records  (96KB)

Basic Instructions for Conservators  (191KB)

Basic Instructions for Guardians  (95KB)

Basic Instructions for Guardians and Conservators  (209KB)

BIDS Appellate Form  (67KB)

BIDS Sedgwick County vs. Bids Payments  (68KB)

BIDS Trial Level Form  (240KB)

Bondsman Application  (220KB)

Clerks fourteen (14) day extension  (45KB)

Conservatorship Annual Final Accounting  (85KB)

Notice and Order of Defendant's Approval of Jury Trial Continuance  (36KB)

Divorce/Separate Maintenance Pretrial Conference Order  (30KB)

Domestic Relations Affidavit  (76KB)

Domestic Relations Affidavit Short Form  (58KB)

Domestic Relations Child Support Worksheet  (58KB)

Equal Parenting Time Worksheet  (41KB)

Family Law Pro Se Instructions for Divorce with Children  (1.14MB)

Family Law Pro Se Instructions for Divorce without Children  (823KB)

Family Law, Pro se Motion  (25KB)

Family Law, Proposed Parenting Plan  (30KB)

Images Quick Instructions

Marriage License Application  (520KB)

Municipal Court Appeals Instructions for person crimes  (72KB)

Municipal Court Appeals Instructions for non-person crimes  (47KB)

Order for Transcript - Preliminary Hearing  (11KB)

Order Withdrawing Bench Warrants (criminal)  (4KB)

Order Withdrawing Bench Warrants (civil & family law)  (4KB)

Paternity Pretrial Conference Order  (46KB)

Pre-hearing Conference Order for Evidentiary Hearings or Post Judgment Matters  (146KB)

Protection from Abuse packet  (1.66MB)

    •Protection from Abuse Video

Protection from Stalking packet  (1.07MB)

    •Protection from Stalking Video

PFA/PFS Record of Hearing  (70KB)

Request for Affidavit of Probable cause in support of an Arrest Warrant or Summons  (91KB)

Request for Affidavit or Sworn Testimony in support of a Search Warrant   (94KB)

Request for Record Inspection or for a Copy  (84KB)

Request for Copy of Affidavit of Probable Cause of Arrest (for use by Defendent or Defendant's attorney only)  (58KB)

Request for Copy of Search Warrant and/or Application for Search Warrant (for use by Defendent or Defendant's attorney only)  (57KB)

Rule 401 Affidavit for Ex Parte Order  (60KB)

Small Claims - Packet  (709KB)

Small Claims - Satisfaction of Judgment  (3KB)

Supreme Court Rules Forms

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) Affidavit  (38KB)

 18th Judicial District Court
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